Immersive Audio Made Easy

Introducing immerGO, an innovative product line up for immersive audio applications

An immersive audio solution for audio interfaces and mixing consoles

Simple configuration

Support for irregular and regular speaker arrays

Control from mobile device or desktop

Point source rendering

Advantages of the ImmerGo Approach:

  • All the inputs to your audio interface or mixing console can be spatialized
  • Record and playback spatialized computer tracks
  • At the same time control the 3D positions of vocals and instruments
  • Perfect for live events, installations, and commercial exhibits requiring a simple plug ‘n play immersive audio solution
  • Using the DSP power of your device to spatialize sound, easing processing on your computer
  • Try out the ImmerGo-MOTU or ImmerGo-StudioLive demos. All the features of the purchased product except that only the selected track can be spatialized. Recorded spatialized can be viewed, but will be centered in the room.

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Two product lines – with more coming!

ImmerGo-MOTU for MOTU devices
Currently: 24Ao, 16A, 8A, 1248, 828ES, 8M, UltraLite AVB


Overview of ImmerGO-MOTU

ImmerGo-StudioLive for Presonus StudioLive devices:
64S, 32S, 32SX, 32SC, 32R, 24R, 16R


Overview of ImmerGo – Studio Live

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