Our Founders – Richard Foss and Sean Devonport

About Richard Foss

Richard holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rhodes University. He has been an active member of the Audio Engineering Society since 1994. He has contributed to many of the standards working groups, particularly the audio networks working group, which he chaired for a number of years. He has contributed papers to AES conferences, conventions and the AES journal. Richard has mixed academia with industry work, in particular work for Digital Harmony (USA), Yamaha (Japan), and Uman (Germany). He has an emeritus position at Rhodes University. Richard has always had a passion for immersive sound, and the immerGo distributed system represents a confluence of immersive and networking concepts.


About Sean Devonport

Sean holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Rhodes University (with distinction). Sean’s particular focus over the last 3 years has been to expand the rendering repertoire of immerGo, having realized that the various techniques have particular strong points. He has developed techniques to incorporate immerGo into installations, and has worked with a number of artists to provide immersive sound for productions at the South African National Arts festival. Sean has presented his work at the Tonmeister convention in Cologne, and ICSA in Ilmenau. More recently, Sean has engaged with VR content creators, enabling them to use immerGo for a realistic 3D audio experience.