ImmerGo – the main features

ImmerGo is an immersive sound system that allows for multiple audio tracks to be moved independently in 3D space.

The source of these tracks can be multi-track projects on any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or multi-channel wav files loaded into the ImmerGo Wav Player, as well as mic, guitar, analog and ADAT inputs in the case of ImmerGo for MOTU devices.

Control over the movement and DAW transport can be from a desktop, Android mobile device, or iOS mobile device.

The 3D movements of multiple tracks can be recorded and played back. The movements can be visualized.

A graphic configuration page allows you to indicate where each speaker is placed.

The number of speakers and their positions are flexible.

Just click on a speaker, ‘beep’ it to see where it is located, then place it graphically.

Easy Scheduling of Multiple Soundscapes for Varied, Continuous Playback

Sequences of multi-channel soundscapes can be created via ImmerGo’s Scheduler. Each element of a sequence comprises a multi-channel wav file and a localization file. Each element can be looped multiple times, and the whole sequence can be looped continuously.

To create a schedule, you would:

  • Click Add to create a new schedule row
  • Choose a wav file from the wav File drop down list
  • Choose a localization file from the imm File drop down list
  • Type a loop count number in the Loop Count edit box
  • Select to loop continuously if you want that
  • Click Play

Ambisonics with Point Sources – feature of ImmerGo-Install

Some of the channels can be ambisonic channels (1st order to 4th order), while others can be individually placed and moved.

Graphic speaker configuration allows a user to place available speakers in any positions they choose.

Sound source movements recorded in one speaker configuration will apply to other speaker configurations