ImmerGo – the main features

ImmerGo is an immersive sound system that allows for multiple audio tracks to be moved independently in 3D space.

The source of these tracks can be multi-track projects on any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or multi-channel wav files loaded into the ImmerGo Wav Player, as well as any of the inputs to your audio interface/mixing console (eg. mic, guitar, analog and ADAT inputs).

Control over the movement and DAW transport can be from a desktop, Android mobile device, or iOS mobile device.

The 3D movements of multiple tracks can be recorded and played back. The movements can be visualized.

Graphic Speaker Placement

A graphic configuration page allows you to indicate where each speaker is placed.

The number of speakers and their positions are flexible.

Just click on a speaker, ‘beep’ it to see where it is located, then place it graphically.

Easy Scheduling of Multiple Soundscapes for Varied, Continuous Playback

Sequences of multi-channel soundscapes can be created via ImmerGo’s Scheduler. Each element of a sequence comprises a multi-channel wav file and a localization file. Each element can be looped multiple times, and the whole sequence can be looped continuously.

To create a schedule, you would:

  • Click Add to create a new schedule row
  • Choose a wav file from the wav File drop down list
  • Choose a localization file from the imm File drop down list
  • Type a loop count number in the Loop Count edit box
  • Select to loop continuously if you want that
  • Click Play


Reverb and Effects buses can spatialised

For each track, a rendering algorithm can be selected.