A Simple, Powerful Solution for Installed Sound

ImmerGo-Install and ImmerGo-for MOTU are well suited to provide localized and also dynamically moving sounds for museums, art installations and commercial exhibits.

Multiple channels can be localized to different positions in 3D space, and can be moved, to create dynamic soundscapes. Localization control is via a graphic interface on a mobile device or desktop. Localization movements can be recorded. Multiple localizations can be scheduled.

More than one user can control a multi-channel soundscape, with each user controlling the movement of different channels.

ImmerGo-for MOTU devices – adding live sound capability

MOTU devices have a range of analogue and digital inputs. ImmerGo-for MOTU devices allows you to spatialize these inputs.

Create backing tracks, record spatializations for these tracks, then play your instruments and spatialize them.

Each instrumentalist can control their own spatialization via a mobile device.