About Us

immersiveDSP is a technology company based in Hong Kong. We are a small team of engineers that wants to share its love for electronics and new ventures. The company focuses on Digital Signal Processing mixed with immersive sound products. Our motherSHIP is miniDSP (www.minidsp.com), a company now well known for its affordable DSP solutions and easy to use DSP platforms. With immersiveDSP, we're bringing an all in one experience, we're making immersive Audio DSP easier for content creation, gaming developers and consumer. We're only getting started. Stay tuned!

Our Founders

immersiveDSP started like most startups. A team obsessed by technology, the love of solving a problem for the audio community and of course a friendship. Our two founders combine years of experience to put together a reliable experience for your

About Richard FOSS

Richard has been active in the field of Computer Music and Audio Engineering since 1982. Before moving to streaming-based technologies in 1999, he worked on the transmission of audio and MIDI over Ethernet, creating a studio server for the remote access of studio resources. Since 1999, he worked first for Digital Harmony Technologies and Yamaha s mLAN group on solutions for the pro-audio industry. He serves as chair of AES Working Group. He has been a speaker and panelist at numerous conferences and an active participant in the AES Working Group on Audio Applications Using the High Performance Serial Bus. He is an avid marathon runner, and his deeper thoughts are hatched in the hills around Grahamstown. Mr. Foss holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rhodes University.

About Tony ROUGET

Tony is constantly on the lookout  for new audio technologies and new business ventures. With his management experience in a R&D & Manufacturing for AV equipment, he's using all his energy to build and develop bew IP under three core brands miniDSP/DSP4YOU/immersiveDSP.  He loves the thrill of tackling exciting new projects outside his comfort zone. While no where near Richard's avid running skills, Tony loves running in Hong Kong.

Our goals?

  • Building a community and partnerships

  • Making Digital Audio Networking & immersive Audio easy

  • immersiveDSP gear for everyone thanks to affordable price

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