AVBFlex - Flexible audio distribution

AVBFlex is a subset of ImmerGO that enables the routing of multiple channels of audio from a multi-channel audio program to multiple speakers. The speakers could be the immersiveDSP SPK4P POE+ speakers, or custom speakers attached to the immersiveDSP NDAC-2 POE+ endpoints. PWR-16s or other amplifiers could also be attached to the inexpensive NDAC-8s, and multiple of these used to create large speaker configurations.

AVBFlex uses a file that contains the address of each speaker endpoint within the configuration, and uses this information to route successive audio channels to successive speakers in the speaker list. The file can be automatically generated.

Using AVBFlex:

Using AVBFlex is straightforward. When AVBFlex is run it displays the following window:

As a user, you select your speaker configuration file, press 'Continue', and then 'Connect'. AVBFlex will proceed to route each successive audio channel to each speaker, showing you the connections established. You are then ready to use your multi-channel audio software.

Uses for AVBFlex:

The uses for AVBFlex are many and varied. It has been particularly useful in the context of Max/MSP-based projects, where DAC modules are associated with the AVB entity on a workstation in a one to one relationship. Because there is the capability to send processed audio channels to up to 120 small speakers, it provides a useful basis for many types of spatial audio rendering, including particularly WaveField Synthesis.