Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

One of the great advantages of the ImmerGO system is that processing is distributed to endpoints of the system. This is different from legacy systems where immersive sound processing is performed on a single powerful (and expensive) processor box. Distributed processing is made possible by the networked nature of the system. The following signal processing tasks are all distributed to processors in amplifier units or processors within speakers:

  • Mixing for Distance Based Amplitude Panning

  • Reverb processing to enhance localization

  • Delay processing to enhance localization

  • Equalization for room correction 

The endpoint processing units each incorporate an XMOS chip to receive Ethernet AVB audio and control packets, as well as a Sharc processor to perform the signal processing tasks.

This distributed approach to immersive sound means that users can build Immergo systems incrementally - starting with a few speakers and then expanding to very large systems. Each additional step simply requires plugging in the new speakers and updating the speaker configuration file. The new speaker configuration will automatically appear on the mobile device.