immerGO PRO

Welcome to the future of 3D audio

Our flagship software has been updated with an intuitive take on immersive audio rendering. By combining point source rendering and Ambisonic rendering into a complete solution, ImmerGo is now capable of rendering virtual point sources within a complete Ambisonic sound field to any loudspeaker configuration. From living rooms to concert halls, each environment is handled with ease.

By splitting our 32 channel networked audio transport into separate sub busses, ImmerGo provides the combination of virtual point source rendering, surround sound and up to 4th order Ambisonic AmbiX playback simultaneously. No more chopping and changing between plugins and softwares, simply draw out your speaker configuration, select your submix options, stream your audio channels into the immerGo network and let us take care of the rest…

Expect a simple one time speaker location configuration using our very own SLIC (Simple Localization and Immersive Cabling) management system. SLIC cuts the proverbial cable fat to ensure users are given maximum ease and flexibility for their setup. Forget about complex cable management and amplifier configurations, our compact, DSP-enabled high end speakers and subwoofers are easily added and removed to your configuration. Once setup, simply dial in your speaker configuration once from our phone/desktop app and let our SLIC management take care of the rest.

3D audio has never been simpler…

Ambisonics Rendering

Utilizing the well-known AllRAD (All Round Ambisonics Decoding) decoder technique developed at IEM, and implemented within Aalto University’s ‘Spatial Audio Framework’, we generate optimal loudspeaker configurations for our Ambisonics decoder using vector base amplitude panning point sources. Don’t worry about strict loudspeaker configurations, place your speakers where you need them, and rest assured your Ambisonics reproduction will come out as it should.

Point source rendering

Two point source rendering techniques have been implemented - Vector Base Amplitude Panning and Distance Based Amplitude Panning. These may be applied individually to any of the tracks within the point source rendering bus, bringing the user confidence that the system can accurately locate your audio source in whatever the configuration.

VBAP is generally suited to configurations where the center of the room is your listening position and you wish to pan sources around the room.

DBAP is suited to configurations that have no defined sweet spot - such as immersive art installations with multiple listening rooms or speakers placed in strange places.


Speaker Remapping

No matter how many speakers you’re using, expect your ImmerGo system to be backwards compatible with all standard surround sound, stereo and mono audio formats. You also have the control to fine tune the remapping to get that sweet spot just right.

Speaker Zoning

By selecting speaker zones, you can assign different tracks to be localized to particular speakers. This makes your life easier when setting up large installations where there may be different rooms and you want to limit sources to particular rooms, or have sound sources zoom through rooms.


Phone/browser control app

Access all of ImmerGo’s controls right from the palm of your hand. Simply download our app, connect to our system tray app, setup your speaker configuration and access our rich set of immersive rendering controls.