ImmerGo software - step by step

Here are the few simple steps to get an ImmerGo system up and running, assuming that you have configured your hardware - Mac/PC, switch(es), and SPK4s, NDAC-2s, or NDAC-8s.

1. Enter your speaker positions into a speaker configuration file

2. Run the server software 

Choose the folder where your configuration file resides, make sure that you have selected an internal MIDI in/out port, then push 'Connect'. Your Mac/PC is now connected to your devices on the AVB network.

3. Start the DAW that will be the source of your tracks. Your tracks should be added to a template file that is set up to transmit and receive MIDI.

4. Open a web browser on the Mac/PC or on a mobile device, depending on where you want to work. Type in the URL that the server indicates, substitute 'localhost' for the IP address if your client is the Mac/PC.

5. Now the client screen will appear:

6. Select a track, start the DAW by pressing play, then touch and tilt to move the sound in 3 dimensions.