Museums, Art Installations and theme parks

ImmerGo is well suited to provide localized and also dynamically moving sounds for museums, art installations and theme parks. A soundscape can play continuously from a DAW or multi-channel media player. The DAW or media player can synchronize to ImmerGo, which will control the localization of multiple sound tracks at user defined times.


Of particular use in these contexts are the SPK4 AVB POE+ speakers. Configurations of speakers can be quickly and easily constructed, since an Ethernet cable between switch and speaker will carry power, multiple audio channels, and control data. 

It is easy to scale to large configurations by adding further switches and speakers.

Each SPK4 is capable of 35 Watts of power. Each speaker also has an amplifier connecter, to which you can connect a passive speaker. Doing this reduces the cost of the configuration, with each speaker now capable of about 20 Watts of power. 

The sound localization rendering algorithm used would depend on the nature of the venue, and thus the layout of speakers. If the layout is irregular, then the Distance Based Amplitude Panning (DBAP) algorithm would be used. If the venue is within a dome and the speakers can be aligned with the dome, then Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP) might be a better choice. ImmerGo is equipped to render according to either algorithm.