Virtual Reality and 360 Video

VR and 360 video applications can be enhanced by having the audio spatialized via a multi-speaker system. ImmerGo can enable this spatialization.

If there are audio sources emanating from multiple virtual objects, as well as relative virtual positions for these objects, then ImmerGo can localize them in real space. 

However, in many cases there are B format ambisonics tracks associated with VR or 360 video productions. These tracks might have been recorded to A format by a sound field microphone and subsequently converted to B format, or they might have been generated by ambisonic encoding software. In this case, there are two options:

1. Ambisonic decoding in speakers:

The B format tracks can be sent directly to a configuration of SPK4 speakers, each with an ambisonic decoder. 1st, 2nd or 3rd order decoding is possible.



2. Localization of decoded B format tracks

The encoded B format tracks could be decoded by software on the ImmerGo server workstation. The ImmerGo client could then be used to direct these tracks to speakers arranged according to speaker specifications - for example a cube for first order ambisonics.

Otherwise, for irregular speaker layouts, the decoded tracks could be sent to 'virtual speaker' positions, which are localized by the ImmerGo server.