immersiveDSP is very active in the field of research on immersive Audio. Here is a list of work currently done by our team and university partnerships.

Approaches to Immersive Audio Content Creation – 29th TONMEISTERTAGUNG

This paper addresses the problem of generating an immersive sound content creation system, using as a context experience with developing a particular system, the ‘Immergo’ client server based system. The core components of such a system are described, with reference to standards-based and proprietary documentation. These core components are: an object model for the object audio subcomponents, the audio sample data, metadata such as position and gain to guide localization, loudspeaker configuration, renderers to render the audio content using appropriate algorithms, the final bitstream formatting, the user interface for the user to guide localization, and the system configuration. The paper contrasts current approaches and highlights the importance of standards to direct the format of the content, thereby making it universally accessible.

Authors: Richard FOSS / Antoine ROUGET

Positioning an output element with Three-dimensional environment – Patent PCT/IB2016/052117

Systems and methods for positioning an output element within a three- dimensional environment are described. Movement data relating to movement of a mobile device  is obtained. The movement data is mapped to movement of a simulated output element  in a virtual environment , which simulates the three-dimensional environment. The movement of the simulated output element is associated with movement of an output element within the three-dimensional environment so as to control the position of the output element within the three-dimensional environment. In one exemplary embodiment an output element being a sound source is positioned in a three- dimensional, immersive sound environment. In another exemplary embodiment a focal point of a light beam is positioned in a three-dimensional theatrical environment. The described systems and methods enable a user to control the real-time and/or recorded position and/or movement of an output element by manipulating the orientation of a mobile device.

Inventors: Richard FOSS / Antoine ROUGET